I believe that when you work in an emergency medical field you have to see it as a calling and not a job and because of this I knew I could make a difference in the community.
- Mark Winterboër
Knowing that on the other end of every call is just another person in need and that we have the capacity to help them is all it takes.
- Nadine Winterboër

Having witnessed, first-hand, the impact a dedicated EMS team had on an emergency, Mark and Nadine Winterboer knew there was no going back. After a year of planning and cold feet, they took the plunge into the fast paced and dedicated world of Emergency Medical Response. In 2014 they Launched their first, and only, ambulance, manned by a single ‘round-the-clock team, and base of operations from the back of their very own home; they were ready to serve their community through long days and even longer nights..

Through hell and highwater, running a grassroots emergency response team was tireless work, but it wasn’t thankless; the outpouring of gratitude and thanks from the community was indescribable, Mark and Nadine knew they had something special. In the time that followed, Midlands EMS had become a well-known and well-loved member of their community, their small home-grown team had begun to sprout, inspiring the next generation at schools and out in the field, organising public events, and training the new and excited members of their fast-growing family.

These days, Midlands EMS is far from where it started as a backyard, single ambulance, and skeleton crew operation, to a family of 72 hardworking people overseeing 15 ambulances, 4 response vehicles, 9 Advance Life Support Practitioners, and countless community events. Ensuring professional and reliable care alongside their core ideals of quality, hard work, and service to the community.

Years of Experience
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ALS Staff

Our Smiling Patients

Awesome peeps, caring and compassionate!

Kerry-lee Van Wijk

We were met with an emergency this morning with my child, he is thankfully fine now, but wow, thank you to Mark and his incredible team for their speedy and especially kind service today. Thank you, thank you on behalf of our big guy and us.

Sans Streak

Highly recommend, May God bless you all always, Thank you for saving my life!

Trisha Naicker
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