Emergency Medical Services

24/7 Emergency Medical Services 

Midlands EMS is proud to offer a fleet of dedicated emergency medical vehicles and ambulances to respond to your emergency twenty-four hours a day.

Fully equipped to Board for healthcare funders guidelines and registered as an ambulance and emergency services, Midlands EMS has the capacity to render emergency care on site to you and your loved ones whenever you need us.

We offer the following:

    • Emergency Medical Response 

      • 24/7 Ambulance Services

      • Inter hospital transfers & transfers to step down facilities

    • We are registered with all major medical aids and their service providers


Event Medical Services

Event medical care, Ambulances and on-site Medical Staff

Midlands EMS offers dedicated event medical services, with expertise that allows you peace of mind when you are planning and running your event. We ensure that you are 100% compliant with both the National Sports and Recreational Act and SANS guidelines as required by law for all events, we provide you with a 10366 matrix (amended) for all events as well as an Event medical plan upon acceptance of a quotation.

We offer the following:

  • Dedicated Ambulance Standby
  • First Aid Posts
  • Field Side Sports Care
  • Film and Theatre Set Medics
  • Medical Services for Water based events
  • Advanced, Intermediate & Basic Medical Staff
  • Doctors & Nursing Staff
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fireman & Rescue Units as needed
  • Quadbikes with Medics

First Aid Training Services

Do you need First Aid Training for you or your staff?

First Aid Training is a legal requirement and a vital component of OSH Act compliancy for all companies and employers in South Africa; the Occupational Health & Safety Act stipulates very clearly the necessity, the amount and the degree of training required.

In the likely case of an audit by the Department of Labour, accreditation and valid certificates must be produced. Midlands EMS Provides The Following Training Services  

We proudly offer fully accredited training in partnership with Destination Medicine the following spectrum of courses:

  • First aid and CPR training level 1-3 on a regular basis and at a very competitive rate.
  • Firefighting and HIRA

Successful delegates will also be issued with the accredited 3-year Certificate.

Our courses are aligned to existing SAQA unit standards, fit within the guidelines of the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa, and are fully accredited by the Department of Labour.


Inter-Facility Transfers

Hospital to hospital or hospital to home we have you covered

We at Midlands EMS pride ourselves on our compassionate and dedicated staff, we are there to help you in every way we can. We offer personalised ambulance transfer services from point to point in the comfort of our dedicated ambulances, assuring you of our undivided care and attention.   

We offer the following:

  • Hospital to Hospital transfers
  • Hospital to Home transfers
  • Step down or upgrade transfers
  • Home to hospital
  • Home to Doctor’s rooms
  • Long distance transfers

Assisted Shuttle Services

Your loved ones deserve the best, even when it’s not an emergency

We concentrate on Individual Transport for non-emergency appointments and outings. Giving you peace of mind while travelling alongside our friendly staff, as they assist, explain, sit with, and join your loved ones in consultations. Expect a detailed report for the permanent professional, care centre, or family member, as needed, following a consultation.

With a friendly and safe environment, we aim to ensure your loved one feels at home, not a burden.  

We offer the following:

  • Doctors’ appointments
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dentist appointments
  • Optometrist appointments
  • Any non-emergency appointment
  • Drop-offs and pick-ups
Shuttle Service

Educational School Visits

Midlands EMS provides free of charge, educational school visits

We make it fun and educational for all the students.

  • Pre-Primary School

Show and tell. We take away the scary part of seeing and hearing an ambulance. Opportunity to sit in the driving seat of the ambulance and see the inside. Explain how to call an ambulance. 

  • Foundation Phase

Understand what an ambulance, response vehicle and a paramedic is. How to help someone hurt at home. Understand how to get assistance. Get them used to an ambulance. 

  • Primary School

Demonstrate paramedic equipment. What an ambulance, response vehicle and a paramedic are. What to do in an emergency.  

  • High School

Demonstrate paramedic equipment. What an ambulance, response vehicle and a paramedic are. What to do in an emergency.  

For ALL your motoring needs

Being in the emergency field and needing to ensure our own vehicles were properly maintained, in tip-top condition, and available to the communities that we serve 24hrs a day, we launched our very own workshop - filling a sorely needed gap in the market as a fully accredited 24/7 Emergency Mechanical Workshop.

With a friendly and safe environment, we aim to ensure your loved one feels at home, not a burden.  

Our workshop is fully equipped with:

  • Wheel changer and balancer
  • Alignment host
  • Diagnostic Suite
  • Vinyl printers and laminators

We stock various sizes of tyres to ensure we can carry out all and any work 24/7/365.

With 6 Mechanical Specialists, 2 Panel-Beaters and a Signage Specialist we now offer all our services to the community.

With special pensioner rates and payment terms for the tight months we ensure that you are mobile 24/7.

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